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In connection with the issuance of $150 million aggregate principal amount of Capital Efficient Notes due 2067 (the “CENts”) on October 10, 2007, Symetra Financial Corporation (“Symetra”) entered into a Replacement Capital Covenant (the “RCC”) for the benefit of the holders of Symetra’s then outstanding 6.125% Senior Notes due 2016 (the “Senior Notes”). On April 1, 2016, the Senior Notes were repaid in full at their final scheduled maturity and, as a result, there is no longer any “Covered Debt” or “Covered Debtholders” (each as defined in the RCC) under the RCC. As a result of the repayment of the Senior Notes, the RCC no longer provides a benefit to the holders of any of Symetra’s outstanding indebtedness.